Diana Group was established in 1995 with more than twenty years of consolidated experience in production and trade, chemical industry, packaging and surface treatments. An energetic Company with a highly flexible mentality with the performance of a service more and more customer-oriented.

We believe in quality and sustainability in every manufacturing process, both for people and the environment. Our vision of the future market and business philosophy has pushed us for over the last few years to invest heavily in research and development. As a demonstration of our commitment for several years now Diana Group obtained the Certification ISO 9001.
The Company has recently earned the prestigious ISO Certifications: ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. This as a proof that the Company wants to continuously improve his products, services and solutions.

Diana Group decided to renovate and expand his plants and warehouses in its territory. Thanks to these investments the Group acquired a new innovative plants 4.0: all solvents and thinners, activators and paints will be produced, stocked and packed in a pure nitrogen atmosphere. This is the first automated facility (Industry 4.0) through Europe that allows us to remove the humidity inside the processes: in this way we guarantee that the raw materials and finished products will not be altered of its essential features (urethane grade system).

Knowing the key role that the environment held and that will become increasingly more important for future generations.

Mission e Vision


Passion and devotion in a customer-service perspective

Diana Group is aimed at suppling solutions and products dedicated to every individual customer in their respective markets.

By ensuring targeted diversification in various areas which work independently (Chemical Industry, Machines and Automations, Sealants and Abrasives, Technical and Industrial items). The Group differs for the quality of his products and the ability to supply appropriate solutions rapidly, so to ensure customer satisfaction.
The Company has always paid special attention in the research and experimentation of products with a low environmental impact, in order to contribute to the protection of the territory.

Diana Group


Diana Group

When union is strength.

Diana Group in order to reinforce its market position has become very sensitive to the different needs of his partners. Our main goal is the variety of products we are able to offer directly to our customers and our main ability is to be dynamic in multiple industrial sectors, also due to a dense network of agents. We can provide a wide range of products and solutions thanks to the brands of which it is composed: Diana, Dikema, Gross Imball, Biofilm.


DIANA Chemical Industrial

Our core business is the production and distribution of a wide range of solvents, diluents and similar specific items. Our main customers are furniture manufacturers, body shops, carpenter’s shops, flexographic and nautical companies, food and tanneries industries. Our Quality Department accurately checks the quality of the raw materials and consequently the finished products. The up-to-date equipment ensures the same high quality of any product formulation either in small or large batches. We can provide any type of solvents or raw materials you require either in:

  • tanks
  • drums
  • plastic
  • metallic cans

divided in 0,5l - 1l - 5l – 10l – 15l – 20l – 25l – 200l – 1000l in custom or non-custom packs.


represents an advanced Brand part of Diana Group, extends his portfolio with new bonding technologies enable to respond to the increasingly demands in terms of developments, surfaces and designs. The consolidate Dikema’s know-how based on many years of experience together with a full range of products, result of continuous and focused developments by our Research Center, cover a wide specific range for complex and challenging bonding technologies. The sealants/adhesives’ ranges are covered and supported by multiple international certifications as DNV-IMO (maritime area), ISEGA (food industry), DIN, ISO and CE. Dikema face to the market with a skilled and highly specialised technical team: we are able to comprehend the specific needs and we can provide targeted, immediate and reliable solutions to our customers. Relevant sector areas: building and constructions, automotive, transportation (commercial vehicles), general industry-assembly, furniture and contract, marine.

Sealants, glues, adhesives: rea-formaldehyde glue, polyvynil acetate glue,
hot-melt, Eva and polyurethane based, contact neoprene adhesive,
polyurethane adhesives (single and two components),
sylil-terminated polymer (single and two components), structural adhesives (two components),
sealants silicon neutral and acetic, Cyanoacrylate adhesive, special adhesives and auxiliaries


Gross Imball

GROSS IMBALL Packaging Solution

Our experienced and well trained staff is able to follow our customers step by step, from the design to the realization of the whole packaging line. We can supply simple wrapping lines systems, wrapping pallets machines or modern automated plants. In addition, we are able to provide immediate technical assistance and maintenance of our plants.

Packaging products: Neutral and customized adhesive tapes - Polyethylene stretch film - Shrink wrapping film -PPL strapping, PET, iron - Metallic seals - Filling and protective materials.

Machines and Automations: Wrapping machines - Rollers and conveyors system - Labelling machines - Welding machines - Paper tape dispenser - Lable gluing system - Taping machines - trapping machines - Automatic pallet machines.


Knowing the key role that the environment held and that will become increasingly more important for future generations, the Company has recently implemented his huge portfolio acquiring a new Company named Attimec Italia in Cimetta di Codognè (TV) 20 km far from the Headquarter, covering an outside area of 25000 m², whereas the estate will occupy an area of 14000 m² with a final layout as per the below:

  • A Service Department responsible of testing and maintenance of the new machines along with a sharpening milling tools area, and nearby a permanent exhibition of new packaging and cleaning machines.

  • 10000m² will be dedicated to a new Company Bio Film srl: a cutting-edge technology with a completely automated 7-cast film production system (Industry 4.0) that will enable us to produce DG Best Stretch films more and more thick (from 5my to 15my max) minimizing the percentage of plastics grams (up to 70%). The results are performing Bio films with an extraordinary quality either in mechanical strength and elasticity. This will allow our customers to reduce the pallets costs, in the respect of the environment as well.

  • A plant of blown extrusion technology (H. 15m) allows us to use organic and compostable products for the Industrial sector and the Food packaging.

  • A water-based printing ink (8 colours available) which consents us to customised the packaging which will be followed by a laminating machine.

  • We will finally create a zone (2500m²) designated to the production of special glues and paints through a plant equipped by burner of 50.000 cbm.





An International development

In recent years Diana Group has increasingly focused to create a network of specialized and technical agents throughout the Triveneto, a sales network located along Italy as well as some consolidated commercial relationship with well-established Eastern European countries.

The huge collaborations with foreigner countries allows us to have an international key role, becoming a supplier ever more important and qualified in Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Kosovo, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Latvia, Montenegro, Morocco, Tunisia and some Countries of Middle East.


Diana Group


Diana Group

Valued and sustainable synergies

The choice of the suppliers has always been a key role for the Company: Diana Group has always selected important Partners in order to be competitive and ready to satisfy any of our customers’ needs.

Transparency, material quality and the ability to generate sustainable and long-terms synergies, are values which Diana Group is constantly monitoring through research, so to be active in all markets.



Diana Group constructs synergies across global competitive markets, basing its work on seriousness and warranty of the products and relationship.
Quality and Innovation are the “mantra” which are pushing Diana Group on his main goals creating the bases for future success.


Diana Group The strength of the Group, close at hands